Entry point to system commands for IBL behaviour pipeline. Each function below corresponds to a command-line tool.

ibllib.pipes.experimental_data.compress_ephys(root_data_folder, dry=False, max_sessions=5)

Compress ephys files looking for compress_ephys.flag whithin the probes folder Original bin file will be removed The registration flag created contains targeted file names at the root of the session

ibllib.pipes.experimental_data.extract(root_data_folder, dry=False)

Extracts behaviour only

ibllib.pipes.experimental_data.extract_ephys(root_data_folder, dry=False, max_sessions=10)

Extracts ephys session only

ibllib.pipes.experimental_data.raw_ephys_qc(root_data_folder, dry=False, max_sessions=10, force=False)

Computes raw electrophysiology QC

ibllib.pipes.experimental_data.sync_merge_ephys(root_data_folder, dry=False)

Post spike-sorting processing: - synchronization of probes - ks2 to ALF conversion for each probes in alf/probeXX folder - computes spike sorting QC - creates probes object in alf folder To start the job for a session, all electrophysiology ap files from session need to be associated with a sync_merge_ephys.flag file Outputs individual probes