Python Modules Docstrings

alf module Generic ALF I/O module.

ibllib module

ibllib.dsp.fourier Low-level functions to work in frequency domain for n-dim arrays
ibllib.dsp.utils Window generator, front detections, rms
ibllib.ephys.ephysqc Quality control of raw Neuropixel electrophysiology data. ALF extractors are a collection of functions that extract alf files from the PyBpod rig raw data. Training wheel extractor from Pybpod output. Raw Data Loader functions for PyBpod rig
ibllib.pipes.experimental_data Entry point to system commands for IBL behaviour pipeline.
ibllib.pipes.extract_session Find task name Check if extractors for specific task exist Extract data OR return error to user saying that the task has no extractors
ibllib.pipes.purge_rig_data Purge data from RIG - Find all files by rglob - Find all sessions of the found files - Check Alyx if corresponding datasetTypes have been registered as existing sessions and files on Flatiron - Delete local raw file if found on Flatiron